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thank you for your interest in learning more about all Czech experts.This Web site will help you find specialized institutions and professional who will assistyou in solving your problem.

The Web site makesavailable to you a list of individuals and institutions certified by the state of theCzech Republic to act as court experts, property valuation experts, accreditedlaboratories, testing institutes, etc. If you are interested in contacting any of thecertified experts, please reply to the individual via the internet address If you need further assistance in choosingthe expert, you can contact us in your mother tongue at . Please remember to give us yourreturn address so that we can recommend the expert best suited to your situation.

This web site is prepared with the support of the Czech Chamber ofCourt Experts, Regional Courts of the Czech Republic, and the Ministry of Justice of theCzech Republic. You are welcome to send in your comments and suggestions on how to improvethis Web site. Should you request more information on the range of activities of the Czechexperts, we will expand the Web site to incorporate your recommendations.

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